Open Metadata Types

The Open Metadata Types provides the type definitions for open metadata. They are packaged into an open metadata archive.

The open metadata types are documented here.

The open metadata archive for these types is built by the OpenMetadataTypesArchive Java class. It uses the Open Metadata Repository Services (OMRS) archive building classes OMRSArchiveBuilder and OMRSArchiveHelper found in the repository-services-archive-utilities module.

The types for each release are managed in separate classes. For example:

The approved types can only be changed through official patches.

It is possible to add new types by creating a similar Java class to OpenMetadataTypesArchive that defines and maintains the additional types that you would like to define.

If you would like your new types to extend the open metadata types, set the open metadata archive as an archive that your new archive depends on …

        List<OpenMetadataArchive>  dependentOpenMetadataArchives = new ArrayList<>();

        dependentOpenMetadataArchives.add(new OpenMetadataTypesArchive().getOpenMetadataArchive());

        this.archiveBuilder = new OMRSArchiveBuilder(archiveGUID,

This approach is used in the design-model-archives that create archives with glossary and model content that follow the open metadata types.

You can create a JSON formatted archive file containing the open metadata types by running the OpenMetadataTypesArchiveWriterUtility.

License: CC BY 4.0, Copyright Contributors to the ODPi Egeria project.