Design Model Archives

The Design Model Archives provide utilities for loading common/standard design models from third parties. Currently Egeria has one example:

Each model has a writer class that generates an Open Metadata Archive This can be loaded into an open metadata repository either at each server start (by adding the archive to the configuration document) or a one time load while the server is running.

If the design model is being maintained and developed, the writer class may be scheduled to periodically recreate the open metadata archive with the latest content. This can then be reloaded once the server is running, or at next server restart if the archive is configured in the server’s configuration document.

The same archive can be loaded multiple times in the server because the writer records the unique identifiers (GUIDs) for each element in the archive in a file. As long as that file is available to the writer, it will used the same GUID for each element and the open metadata repository will only add new content to the repository each time the archive is loaded.

License: CC BY 4.0, Copyright Contributors to the ODPi Egeria project.