Data manager integration

A data manager is a technology that manages collections of data. Examples include database management systems, content management systems, document management systems and file management systems.

The data manager typically maintains a catalog of the data it is managing and the purpose of the data manager integration is to bring this metadata into the open metadata ecosystem. Once it is in the open metadata ecosystem, the metadata can be distributed and enhanced with classifications and relationships to glossary terms, tags and reference data sets to help people find these assets and to enable governance engines to manage them.

In this solution we are going to cover:

Figure 1 shows the set up to extract metadata from one or more data managers. It takes a data manager integration connector to interface with a specific data manager. This is running in the Database Integrator Open Metadata Integration Service (OMIS) hosted in an Integration Daemon.

Figure 1

Figure 1: Set up for metadata extraction from data managers

Figure 2

Figure 2: Set up for distribution of metadata from data managers

Figure 3

Figure 3: Set up for distribution of metadata from data managers