Egeria Solutions

The Egeria solutions illustrate useful integration solutions that you can create using Egeria. Each solution describes the scenario and business value, along with instructions on how to set up Egeria.

The solutions combine different categories of OMAG Servers that host the connectors to the third party technologies. The OMAG Servers manage the metadata exchange through REST API calls and events.

Figure 1 shows how the different categories of OMAG Servers are linked together to build the solutions.

Egeria Solution Composition

Figure 1: OMAG Servers connected together as components in an Egeria solution

The inner ring, titled Integrated Metadata, illustrates the exchange of metadata between third party metadata servers. Third party metadata servers provide support for a wide range of metadata and are typically supporting a suite of tools. They are connected together through an Open Metadata Repository Cohort or cohort for short.

A cohort can support the exchange of many third party metadata servers even though only one is shown in Figure 1.

A third party metadata server can embed the Egeria libraries in its own runtime or, more commonly, use a special OMAG server called the Repository Proxy to host connectors that map between the events and APIs of the third party metadata server and the Open Metadata events and APIs. The repository proxy manages all of the interaction with the other members of the cohort.

The cohort protocols are peer-to-peer and the membership is dynamic. When a third party metadata server connects to the cohort, either directly or through its repository proxy, it automatically begins receiving metadata from all of the other members. When it shares metadata, it is shared with all the other members. Each member is free to choose what to share and what to process from the other members of the cohort.

There are other types of OMAG Servers provided by Egeria that can be members of the cohort.

The metadata access point is the bridge to the governance servers. The addition of the governance servers provides active metadata exchange and governance of any type of third party technology, not just metadata servers. We call this Integrated Governance.

For the most part, Egeria is a background technology. However, once metadata is being exchanged and linked, new solutions that bring value directly to individuals working in an organization. Therefore we have added the View Server and Presentation Server to support browser based User Interfaces. The view server provides REST APIs specifically for user interfaces. They are consumed by the Egeria UIs but can also be used by other UIs and tools.

Specific Solutions

Follow the links below to learn more about specific Egeria solutions.

License: CC BY 4.0, Copyright Contributors to the ODPi Egeria project.