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Egeria’s Education aims to broaden the knowledge of people who need to work with digital resources about metadata, governance practices and the use of Egeria. Since that are many types of professionals involved with different skill levels, there are different choices that are shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

Figure 1: Different types of education offered by Egeria

The Egeria Dojo is a deep dive into the Egeria code and community. It is aimed at individuals who wish to become contributors. See more…

The Hands On Labs provide practical experiences in running the Egeria code and using the different services. It is based around the Coco Pharmaceuticals use case and is organized by persona so you can target your learning to your interests. See more….

The Guidance on Governance provides governance best practices and training using the same Coco Pharmaceuticals use cases as the hands on labs. They aim to guide a team that is setting up or revising their governance program through common governance tasks. They link to the Egeria code samples and hands on labs to show how these best practices could be implemented using Egeria.

The edX courses are a new idea to provide a full curriculum and certification for governance professionals and architects. It is in the early phases of design.

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