0401 Governance Definitions

The world of governance is divided into different governance domains that focus on a specific set of assets or activities. Egeria aims to unify the metadata and governance activity across these governance domains.

GovernanceDomain provides a default list of the different types of governance domains that can be unified by Egeria. Notice that there are obvious overlaps and linkages between the domains:

The GovernanceDomainDescription provides the definition of a governance domain. You can choose to define your own or use the standard set that are defined by GovernanceDomain. Related governance domains can be grouped into GovernanceDomainSets.

The role of leader of a governance domain is represented as a GovernanceOfficer.

GovernanceDefinition describes an aspect of a governance program. They are authored in the metadata repository.
They inherit from Referenceable, which means they have a unique identifier and link to external references for more information.

GovernedBy links the governance definitions to the elements they are governing.


Further Information

License: CC BY 4.0, Copyright Contributors to the ODPi Egeria project.