0112 People, their personal network and their roles

The ActorProfile is extended to capture more information about a person. This is recorded in the Person entity.

Open metadata supports Karma Points. These are awarded for participation in the collaboration around open metadata. The number of karma points awarded to the individual is recorded in their Person entity.

Person entities can be linked together to a list of a person’s close/important colleagues. The perspective on who is a close/important colleague is a personal perspective. Therefore the Peer relationship separates the concept of who has linked to a person (myFollowers) from who they have specifically linked to (myPeers).

Open metadata also separates the person from the roles they perform. This is because people often perform many roles and these change over time. Also roles may be put in place before the person is appointed to it and the person appointed can change from time to time.

The PersonRole entity is linked to a Person entity with the PersonRoleAppointment relationship to show that the person has been appointed.

The PersonRole entity is extended in multiple places to show different types of roles. For example:

Figure 1 captures the profile for a person along with their roles and peer network.


Figure 1: Describing the profile for a person

The Community Profile OMAS provides support for a person’s profile. See personal profile. It also supports the ability to query a person’s roles (see personal roles) and their peer network (see peer network)

License: CC BY 4.0, Copyright Contributors to the ODPi Egeria project.