Ode to Egeria by David Radley

Ode to Egeria ODPi.
Usually found where data may lie.
Big data, small data, fast data, slow,
lineage making, all as we go.
Is she a librarian, indexing all,
so people can find words short and tall.
Or is she a choreographer, shaping the dances,
of players involved with data romances.

A policewoman, law-woman guiding a way,
safe information underpinning our say.
A common language to speak of all things that we keep,
So we can find the value that we all seek.

Vendors collaborate, avoiding dictator,
playing main stage or just a spectator.
Meaning on data across all your repos,
Awakening shapes on data, lest it dose.
Foundations we think for a world if we dare,
ethical practices, open and fair,
data for good and not for despair.

License: CC BY 4.0, Copyright Contributors to the ODPi Egeria project.