Egeria diagnostic guide

This guide focuses on diagnosing and fixing issues running Egeria’s OMAG Server Platform and the OMAG Servers that run on it.

If you are having problems building Egeria, please see the Building Egeria tutorial.

The diagnosis process

The OMAG Server Platform has many functions itself, and is typically be embedded in complex deployment environments. This means that diagnosing (and most importantly fixing them) needs to be done in a systematic way.

Figure 1 shows a view of the diagnostic process.

Diagnostic Process

Figure 1: The diagnostic process

The diagram shows three phases linked together in sequence with a return arrow from the third phase, looping back to the first. It is an example of process that appears rational in hindsight. When you are in the middle of the process you may find that you are iterating backwards and forwards between the different stages, particularly if it is a puzzling problem. However, it is often helpful to step back and look at each step in the process and assemble your thoughts along these lines. The diagnostic guide is organized according to this process and at the very least, it will help you to find the information that you need.

So now consider each phase of the process.

The description above is an overview of what to do to diagnose and fix a problem. This may be enough to help you resolve the issues you are seeing. However, whilst some problems are frequently encountered, others are unique to your situation. What follows are some descriptions of the diagnostics for problems that are frequently seen. These can help you to eliminate the obvious causes.

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