Move/Copy File Provisioning Governance Action Service

Move/Copy File Provisioning Governance Action Service moves or copies files from one location to another and optionally creates lineage between them.

This governance action service is highly configurable. It can be set up to perform a move file or a copy file action, the destination file name may be adapted from the source file name using a file pattern and the lineage may be turned on or off.

Figure 1

Figure 1: Operation of the move/copy file provisioning governance action service

If lineage is requested, it includes adding a new DataFile asset for the new file in the destination folder and creating LineageMapping relationships between the process that represents this governance action service and both the asset for the original source file and as well as the destination. There are four choices for lineage:

Figure 2 shows the default lineage from this service. It allows exact traceability between source file and destination file.

Figure 2

Figure 2: Exact traceability between source and destination files

Figure 3 shows lineage where there is no need to track the the lineage between individual files, because for example, the source files always come from the same source and all go to the same destination.

Figure 3

Figure 3: Traceability between the collection of source files and the collection of destination files

Figure 4 links the source files to the instance of this governance action process but not to the individual destination files.

Figure 4

Figure 4: Traceability between the collection of source files and the provisioning instance and the destination folder

Figure 5 shows the traceability between the source files and the governance action process and the destination folder. It is not possible to tell which instance of the governance action service processes each source file.

Figure 5

Figure 5: Traceability between the collection of source files and the destination folder

Figure 6 shows the most abbreviated lineage that shows the linkage from the source folder to the governance action process to the destination folder. There is no traceability at the file level. This pattern is appropriate when the files themselves are very numerous, they all follow the same processing path and the folders represent the data sets.

Figure 6

Figure 6: Traceability between the source files’ folder and the destination folder

Irrespective of the pattern used, the resulting changes to the metadata can lead to the triggering of additional activity in the open metadata ecosystem. For example:


This connector uses the Governance Action OMES running in the Engine Host.

The following configuration properties can be set to control the behavior of the service on every instance.

This is its connection definition to use when creating the definition of the governance action service using the Governance Engine OMAS. Remove the configuration properties that are not required. Replace {processName} and {pattern} as required.

   "connection" : { 
                      "class" : "Connection",
                      "connectorType" : 
                           "class" : "ConnectorType",
                           "connectorProviderClassName" : "org.odpi.openmetadata.adapters.connectors.governanceactions.provisioning.MoveCopyFileGovernanceActionProvider"           
                              "provisionUncataloguedFiles": "",
                              "targetFileNamePattern": "{pattern}",
                              "noLineage": "",
                              "processName": "{processName}",
                              "lineageWithTopLevelProcessOnly": "",
                              "lineageToDestinationFolderOnly": "",
                              "lineageFromSourceFolderOnly": ""

Governance Action Settings

When this governance action service is called through a GovernanceAction it supports the following options.

Request Types and Parameters

There are two request types:

The source and destination can be configured as request parameters:

Which can be overridden by the following named action targets

Completion Status and Guards

On completion, this governance action service uses:

Examples of use

License: CC BY 4.0, Copyright Contributors to the ODPi Egeria project.