Egeria’s Connector Catalog

Egeria has a growing collection of connectors to third party technologies. These connectors help to accelerate the rollout of your open metadata ecosystem since they can be used to automate the extraction and distribution of metadata to the third party technologies.

A connector is a client to a third party technology. It supports a standard API that Egeria calls and it then translates these calls into requests to the third party technology. Some connectors are also able to listen for notifications from the third party technology. When a notification is received, the connector converts its content into a call to Egeria to distribute the information to the open metadata ecosystem.

Connectors enable Egeria to operate in many environments and with many types of third party technologies, just by managing the configuration of the OMAG servers. The Connector Catalog list the connector implementations supplied by the Egeria community. There are three broad categories of connectors and the connector catalog is organized accordingly:

Further Information

License: CC BY 4.0, Copyright Contributors to the ODPi Egeria project.