Discovery and stewardship

Integrated cataloging typically automates the creation the basic asset entry, its connection and optionally, its schema. This is what is called technical metadata.

Metadata discovery uses advanced analysis to inspect the content of specific assets to derive new insights that can augment or validate their catalog entry.

The results can either be automatically applied to the asset’s catalog entry or it can go through a stewardship process to have a subject matter expert confirm the findings (or not).

Discovery and stewardship are the most advanced form of automation for asset cataloging. Egeria provides the server runtime environment and component framework to allow third parties to create discovery services and stewardship action implementations. It has only simple implementations of these components, mostly for demonstration purposes. This is the area where vendors and other open source projects are expected to provide additional value.

There is more information on this topic on the metadata discovery page.

Adding automation

Below are three types of automation to minimise the effort in managing your asset catalog.

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