OMRS Events

OMRS Events are messages used to notify members of an open metadata repository cohort of changes to:

The motivation for sending OMRS Events between the members of the open metadata repository cohort is to ensure open metadata is as widely available as security-permitted and access to it is as efficient as possible. The events are broadcast to the membership of the open metadata repository cohort through an OMRS Topic and no replies are expected. Each member is expected to receive each event and make a local decision on whether to act on it or ignore it.

OMRS Event Formats

Figure 1 shows the structure of version 1 on an OMRS Event.

Figure 1: OMRS Event Format (version 1)

Figure 1: OMRS Event Format (version 1)

Every event has a:

Next is the category. There are three categories of OMRS Events:

The setting of the category determines which category-specific section is used. Each category-specific section begins with a category-specific event type that describes the type of the event, and hence the properties that will be found in the category-specific section.

If the event is reporting an error, there is also an optional error section. The error section has an error code, error message and a target metadata collection id. The target metadata collection id indicates which member of the cohort is the target for the error message. Other members may pick up the error and act on it as well.

License: CC BY 4.0, Copyright Contributors to the ODPi Egeria project.