Open Metadata Archive Store Connector

The open archive store connector provides a common interface for managing stores of Open Metadata Archives.

Its interface is defined in OpenMetadataArchiveStore

public interface OpenMetadataArchiveStore
     * Return the contents of the archive.
     * @return OpenMetadataArchive object
    OpenMetadataArchive getArchiveContents();

     * Set new contents into the archive.  This overrides any content previously stored.
     * @param archiveContents  OpenMetadataArchive object
    void setArchiveContents(OpenMetadataArchive archiveContents);

The open metadata archive structure is defined by OpenMetadataArchive. There are 3 sections:

The definition of the connector interface for these connectors is defined in the repository-services-api module in the org.odpi.openmetadata.repositoryservices.connectors.stores.archivestore Java package.

A implementations of this type of connector is located in the adapters/open-connectors/repository-services-connectors/open-metadata-archive-connectors module.

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License: CC BY 4.0, Copyright Contributors to the ODPi Egeria project.