Server Chassis for Spring

The server chassis provides the base server framework to host the open metadata services in the OMAG Server Platform.

The server-chassis-spring module provides the implementation of the server chassis. Its main() method is located in a Java class called OMAGServerPlatform that uses Spring Boot for the server framework.

When the OMAGServerPlatform is started, Spring Boot does a component scan for all Spring services that are in Java packages stemming from org.odpi.openmetadata/* and that are visible to this module.

To make a new Java package visible to OMAGServerPlatform, add its spring package to the pom.xml file for server-chassis-spring.

For example, this is the snippet of XML in the pom.xml file that adds the Connected Asset OMAS services to the OMAG server platform.


When the OMAG server platform is first started, the REST APIs are defined for its endpoint. However, only the Administration Services are activated at this point. The other services will each give an error response if called.

To activate these services, it is necessary to use the admin services to set up a configuration document for the server that defines how the services should be configured.

Setting up the configuration document is a one-time activity. Once it is in place it is possible to activate and deactivate the services in the OMAGServerPlatform many times over multiple server restarts.

Details of how to set up the configuration document, and activate/deactivate the open metadata services can be found in admin-services.

Swagger API documentation is generated with the chassis and is documented in Swagger Generation.

License: CC BY 4.0, Copyright Contributors to the ODPi Egeria project.