Open Metadata Governance Servers Documentation

A governance server is a specialized OMAG Server. It is designed to host connectors that manage metadata in different technologies.

Each type of governance server is paired with an Open Metadata Access Service (OMAS) that supports the same metadata types that the governance server is managing in the third party technology. The governance servers each have a specific subsystem that contains its services.

The table below shows the different types of governance servers and the OMAS they are paired with. Some of the governance servers are daemons - that means they have no external API and are driven entirely by changes in metadata and the IT landscape.

Governance Server Description Supported by subsystem Paired with OMAS Daemon
Data Engine Proxy Server Manages capture of metadata from a data engine. Data Engine Proxy Services Data Engine OMAS Yes
Discovery Server Executes Open Discovery Services on demand. Discovery Engine Services Discovery Engine OMAS No
Integration Daemon Manages the capture of metadata through configured integration services. Integration Daemon Services Defined in each integration service Yes
Open Lineage Server Provides a historic reporting warehouse for lineage. Open Lineage Services Asset Lineage OMAS No
Security Officer Server Provide operational support for the security policies defined by the security officer. Security Officer Services Security Officer OMAS No
Security Synchronization Server Keep security enforcement engines supplied with the latest metadata. Security Sync Services Governance Engine OMAS Yes
Stewardship Server Manage the triage and remediation of Request for Action events raised through automated governance activity. Stewardship EngineServices Stewardship Action OMAS No
Virtualizer Automatically configure a data virtualization platform based on available data sources. Virtualization Services Information View OMAS Yes

Further information

Each governance server has its own documentation (follow the links above). In addition, there is an overview design document for developing a new governance server.

License: CC BY 4.0, Copyright Contributors to the ODPi Egeria project.