Data Platform Services

Note: this server has been deprecated along with the Data Platform OMAS. A new governance server for integrating data platforms is in progress.

The Data Platform Services support intercommunication from a Data Platform and the Data Platform OMAS. Where a Data Platform is unable communicate with Data Platform OMAS directly, a Data Platform Service for the Data Platform can run on server-side in OMAG Server Platform and broker calls to the Data Platform itself into calls back to the Data Platform OMAS.

Data Platform Server configuration

  1. Start an OMAG Server Platform
  2. Configure the Data Platform:

    POST following JSON object (following shows an example for Apache Cassandra Database)

           "class": "DataPlatformServicesConfig",
           "dataPlatformGUID": "296bc645-2043-499c-bcd9-ecff90e46899",
           "dataPlatformServerName":"ING Cassandra Hotel",
           "dataPlatformConnectionProvider": "org.odpi.openmetadata.adapters.connectors.metadataextractor.cassandra.CassandraMetadataExtractorProvider",
             "class": "Connection",
             "displayName": "Apache Cassandra Database",
             "description": "Distributed wide-column database",
             "connectorType": {
               "class": "ConnectorType",
               "connectorProviderClassName": "org.odpi.openmetadata.adapters.connectors.metadataextractor.cassandra.CassandraMetadataExtractorProvider"
             "endpoint": {
               "class": "Endpoint",
               "address": "",
               "protocol": "https",
             "userId": "cassandra",
             "clearPassword": "cassandra",
             "configurationProperties": {
               "defaultZones": [ "x", "y", "z" ]

    to the following address


    The object dataPlatformServicesConfig is the information required to implement the specific data platform connector to configure the connection to the target data platform. The authentication information should be modified based on the information needed by the connector.

  3. Start the instance of the Data Platform Server on the OMAG Server Platform

    POST to the following address


License: CC BY 4.0, Copyright Contributors to the ODPi Egeria project.