Connected Asset Properties - part of the Open Connector Framework (OCF)

Connected Asset Properties are the properties known about an asset accessed through a connector. These properties are presented at three levels:

Asset Summary

AssetSummary holds asset properties that are used for displaying details of an asset in summary lists or hover text. It includes the following properties:

Asset Detail

AssetDetail extends AssetSummary to provide all of the properties directly related to this asset. It includes:

Asset Universe

AssetUniverse extends AssetDetail which extend AssetSummary. AssetUniverse adds information about the common open metadata entities related to this asset.

Implementation details

The Connector Broker does not have access to a metadata repository because the OCF is metadata repository neutral. When it creates a connector, the connected asset properties are null.

Egeria Open Metadata Access Services (OMASs) such as Asset Consumer OMAS, Asset Owner OMAS and Discovery Engine OMAS, include the connector broker in their clients and support APIs for managing connections and creating connectors.

Connectors created by the Egeria access services will include the Connected Asset Properties object configured to retrieve metadata from the same open metadata repository where the OMAS is running.

The Connected Asset Properties are retrieved from the open metadata repositories by OCF Metadata Management. It will use the same user id that was used to create the connector.

License: CC BY 4.0, Copyright Contributors to the ODPi Egeria project.