Open Metadata Security Connectors

The open metadata security connectors support plugins to implement security authorization decisions in an OMAG Server Platform or an OMAG Server.

They are optional and are specified in the platform or server’s configuration. The way they operate is described in the Open Metadata Security Module Overview and their interfaces are described on the Connector API page.

Each connector has a base class. These are:

When there is no open metadata security connector plugged into a server and/or platform, everything is permitted. If just these base classes are added then nothing is permitted. They provide reusable methods to report security exceptions and call them in every connector method.

When you write your organization’s implementation of these connectors, you extend these classes and add the special checks for authorized use in each method. When an action is not authorized, your method can either call the appropriate reusable methods or call its equivalent superclass method to report the error.

There are complete working examples of these connectors used in the Egeria Hands On Labs. The code for these connectors is in the open-metadata-security-samples module.

License: CC BY 4.0, Copyright Contributors to the ODPi Egeria project.