Configuring the Open Metadata Archives that are loaded on Server Startup

An open metadata archive is a store of read-only metadata types and instances. One or more open metadata archives can be configured to load at the start up of the following types of OMAG Servers.

These OMAG Servers are collectively called Cohort Members.

Typically open metadata archives are stored as files. To configure the load of a file use the following command. The file should be specified either as a fully qualified path name or as a path name relative to the start up directory of the OMAG Server Platform.

POST {platformURLRoot}/open-metadata/admin-services/users/{adminUserId}/servers/{serverName}/open-metadata-archives/file
{ path name of file }

Alternatively it is possible to set up the list of open metadata archives as a list of Connections. These connections refer to connectors that can read and retrieve the open metadata archive content.

POST {platformURLRoot}/open-metadata/admin-services/users/{adminUserId}/servers/{serverName}/open-metadata-archives
{ list of connections }

This option can be used when the open metadata archives are not stored in a file, or a different file connector from the default one for the OMAG Server Platform is required.

Finally this is how to remove the archives from the configuration document.

DELETE {platformURLRoot}/open-metadata/admin-services/users/{adminUserId}/servers/{serverName}/open-metadata-archives
{ path name of file }

License: CC BY 4.0, Copyright Contributors to the ODPi Egeria project.