Open Metadata and Governance (OMAG) Server

An OMAG server is a software server that runs inside the OMAG server platform. It supports the integration of one or more technologies by hosting connectors that interact with that technology, or providing specialist APIs or event topics (both in and out).

Because of the wide variety of technologies deployed in organization’s today, each with very different capabilities and needs, the integration and exchange of metadata needs to be organized. This organization is managed through the Egeria frameworks and services supported by the OMAG Servers. There are different types of OMAG Server, each supporting specific technologies. The OMAG Server ensures this type of technology is integrated appropriately for its needs.

The types of OMAG Server are shown in Figure 1. The hierarchy groups similar types of server together.

Figure 1

More detail about each type of OMAG Server can be found by following the links below:

The different types of OMAG Servers connect together as shown in Figure 2. There is an inner ring of cohort members communicating via the cohort. Each cohort member is sharing the metadata they receive with the governance servers and view servers that connect to it. The governance servers connect out to external tools, engines and platforms.

Figure 2

Further Information

The configuration for an OMAG Server is defined in a configuration document. This configuration document is stored by a configuration document store connector. Details of the commands to configure an OMAG Server are here and the commands to start and stop an OMAG Server are here.

There is design information on the OMAG Server and its relationship to the OMAG Server Platform here.

License: CC BY 4.0, Copyright Contributors to the ODPi Egeria project.