Metadata Access Point

A Metadata Access Point is an OMAG Server that can be a member of an open metadata repository cohort and supports the access services.

Figure 1

Figure 1: Metadata Access Point in OMAG server ecosystem

This means it provides specialist metadata APIs to user interfaces and governance servers that embrace metadata from all connected open metadata repository cohorts.

The basic metadata access point has no metadata repository and metadata is retrieved and stored from remote repositories via the cohort. It can be upgraded to a Metadata Server by adding a metadata repository which will enable it to store metadata locally.

Configuring a Metadata Access Point

Each type of OMAG Server is configured by creating a configuration document. The contents of the configuration document identify the type of server and the options on the services it runs.

Figure 2 shows the structure of the configuration document for the metadata access point.

Figure 2

Figure 2: Configuration Document for a Metadata Access Point

The tasks for configuring an metadata access point are as follows:

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