Configuration Documents

A configuration document provides the configuration parameters for a single OMAG Server. It is structured into elements that each describe the configuration properties of an aspect of the OMAG Server.

Figure 1 provides more details.

Figure 1

Figure 1: Structure of the configuration document

The sections are as follows:

Default Values

At the top are Local Server URL Root and Event Bus Config. Both of these elements provide default values for other configuration elements.

If they are changed in the configuration document, their new values do not affect existing definitions in the configuration document.

Storage of the configuration document

By default the configuration document are stored as JSON in the default directory for the OMAG Server Platform that creates them.

These files may contain security certificates and passwords and so should be treated as sensitive. It is possible to change the storage location of configuration documents using the {serverURLRoot}/open-metadata/admin-services/users/{userId}/stores/connection API. This passes in a connection used to create the connector to the configuration document storage.

If this connection is not set up, the OMAG Server platform defaults to the JSON file store.

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