IBM InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog Repository Connector

Provides an OMRS repository connector for IBM’s InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog (“IGC”).

Getting started

To start using the connector, you will need an IGC environment, running either version 11.5 or 11.7 of the software. (The connector will automatically detect which version as part of its initialization.) You will need to first enable event notification in your IGC environment:

  1. Navigate to “Administration”: "Administration"
  2. Navigate to “Event Notification” within the “Setup” heading: "Event Notification"
  3. Toggle “Enable” and then “Save and Close”: "Enable" and "Save and Close"

There should not be any need to restart the environment after enabling the event notification.

You will need to configure the OMAG server as follows (order is important). For example payloads and endpoints, see the Postman samples.

  1. Configure your event bus for Egeria, by POSTing a payload like the following:

     	"producer": {
     	"consumer": {


     POST http://localhost:8080/open-metadata/admin-services/users//servers//event-bus?connectorProvider=org.odpi.openmetadata.adapters.eventbus.topic.kafka.KafkaOpenMetadataTopicProvider&topicURLRoot=OMRSTopic
  2. Configure the cohort, by POSTing something like the following (the name of the cohort cocoCohort in this example should match the name used for the cohort in the payload in the previous step):

     POST http://localhost:8080/open-metadata/admin-services/users//servers//cohorts/cocoCohort
  3. Configure the IGC connector, by POSTing a payload like the following:

     	"igcBaseURL": "",
     	"igcAuthorization": "aXNhZG1pbjppc2FkbWlu"


     POST http://localhost:8080/open-metadata/admin-services/users//servers//local-repository/mode/ibm-igc/details

    The payload should include the URL (including hostname and port) of your IGC environment’s domain (services) tier, and the igcAuthorization should be set to a basic-encoded authorization string (username:password).

  4. Configure the event mapper for IGC, by POSTing something like the following:

     POST http://localhost:8080/open-metadata/admin-services/users//servers//local-repository/event-mapper-details?connectorProvider=org.odpi.openmetadata.adapters.repositoryservices.igc.eventmapper.IGCOMRSRepositoryEventMapperProvider&

    The hostname provided at the end should be the host on which your IGC-embedded kafka bus is running, and include the appropriate port number for connecting to that bus. (For v11.5 this is your domain (services) tier and port 59092, whereas in the latest versions of 11.7 it may be running on your Unified Governance / Enterprise Search tier, on port 9092.)

  5. The connector and event mapper should now be configured, and you should now be able to start the instance by POSTing something like the following:

    POST http://localhost:8080/open-metadata/admin-services/users//servers//instance

How it works

The IBM IGC Repository Connector works through a combination of the following:

License: CC BY 4.0, Copyright Contributors to the ODPi Egeria project.