The Basic Files Integration Connectors

The basic files integration connectors monitor changes in a file directory (folder) and updates the open metadata repository/repositories to reflect the changes to both the files and folders underneath it.

The DataFilesMonitorIntegrationConnector maintains a DataFile asset for each file in the directory (or any subdirectory). When a new file is created, a new DataFile asset is created. If a file is modified, the lastModified property of the corresponding DataFile asset is updated. When a file is deleted, its corresponding DataFile asset is also deleted.

The DataFolderMonitorIntegrationConnector maintains a DataFolder asset for the directory. The files and directories underneath it are assumed to be elements/records in the DataFolder asset and so each time there is a change to the files and directories under the monitored directory, it results in an update to the lastModified property of the corresponding DataFolder asset.

Deployment and configuration

The basic files integration connectors are included in the main Egeria build. They are designed dependent on the to run in the Files Integrator OMIS.

Connector Catalog Entries

License: CC BY 4.0, Copyright Contributors to the ODPi Egeria project.