CSV File Connector

The CSV file connector is able to retrieve data from a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file where the contents are stored in logical columns with a special character delimiter between the columns.

The name of the file is passed to the connector in the address property in the Endpoint object of the Connection object used to create the connector.

If the first row of the file contains column names, this connector is able to return a schema structure for the file that can be used by a discovery engine or data platform engine or governance daemon or OMAS to extract and store the schema.

There are three configuration properties supported by this connector.

These properties are stored in the configuration properties of the Connection object used to create the connector instance.

The unit test cases use examples of different CSV files. These files are located in the test resources folder. For example, SimpleColumnsWithColumnNames.csv shows a very traditional CSV file. Here is a snippet of the file:

 :             :          :

The first line has the column names. Then the data records follow, line by line. The data for each of the three columns is separated by commas. This file can be processed directly by the structured file connector without any of the additional properties.

Quotes can be used in CSV files if a comma appears in the value of a column. Two quotes together are used if the value of a column also includes a quote. ComplexColumnsWithColumnNames.csv has quoted column values with spaces and quotes. This file can also be processed without additional properties.

1,E,Zach,Now,Coco Pharmaceuticals,Founder,3
2,E,Steve,Starter,Coco Pharmaceuticals,Founder,1
3,E,Terri,Daring,Coco Pharmaceuticals,Founder,2
4,E,Tanya,Tidy,Coco Pharmaceuticals,"Data Steward, ""New"" Clinical Trials",3
5,E,Polly,Tasker,Coco Pharmaceuticals,IT Project Leader,1
6,E,Tessa,Tube,Coco Pharmaceuticals,"Lead Researcher, Clinical Trials",3
  :             :          :

NoColumnNames.csv is an example of a CSV file that uses unconventional delimiters and has no column headers so it needs to use all three of the additional properties.

1-O-'1-912-333-4444 (ext 4)'
2-O-'31-20-5274986 (ext 2)'
3-O-'44-20-372-2223 (ext 4)'
5-O-'31-20-5274986 (ext 3)'
  :             :          :

The delimiter between columns is a dash (-) and a single quote () has been used to group text that includes the delimiter character. There are also no column names in the file so they need to be supplied in the additional properties. If the column names are not supplied, then the structured file connector assumes the first line of the file contains the column names.

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License: CC BY 4.0, Copyright Contributors to the ODPi Egeria project.