Asset Consumer OMAS User Guide

The Asset Consumer OMAS is designed for use by an application that is accessing data sources and services through connectors. These data sources and services are called Assets, hence the name of this OMAS is Asset Consumer.

Typically the first action to take is to create the connector to get access to the asset content and its properties. Connectors are created from Connection objects. Connection objects can be created by the calling application, or stored in one of the open metadata repositories that are accessible to the Asset Consumer OMAS.

Alternatively, if the consumer only needs access to the asset’s properties, they can use the Asset Consumer OMAS to locate the identifier of the asset and then retrieve the asset properties.

Within the asset properties are links to glossary terms. It is possible to look up the full description of a term to further understand the asset.

There are also capabilities to log messages about the asset, add feedback to the asset in terms of likes, star ratings, reviews and comments, and add tags to the asset.

Interface choices

The Asset Consumer OMAS offers the following types of interface:

Connectors are only available through the Java client.


Details of how to configure the Asset Consumer OMAS can be found here

License: CC BY 4.0, Copyright Contributors to the ODPi Egeria project.