Asset Consumer OMAS Java Client

The Asset Consumer OMAS Java client interface AssetConsumer supports the creation of connectors to access assets. It also supports feedback and tagging of assets.

It has two constructors:

Both constructors take the URL root for the server platform where the Asset Consumer OMAS is running and its server name.

Here is a code example with the user id and password specified:

AssetConsumer   client = new AssetConsumer("cocoMDS1",

This client is set up to call the cocoMDS1 server running on the https://localhost:9444 OMAG Server Platform. The userId and password is for the application where the client is running. The userId of the real end user is passed on each request.

Client operations

Once you have an instance of the client, you can use connectors to get access to assets and the metadata properties that describe them:

Provide feedback, on either the content of the asset, or the metadata properties:

Maintain tags that add more information about the asset to the metadata properties:

Retrieve additional information about the meaning of data associated with the asset.

Add an audit log message about the asset:

The Asset Management Samples provide examples of the Asset Consumer Java client in action.

Note: The equivalent REST interfaces are documented in the asset-consumer-server module.

License: CC BY 4.0, Copyright Contributors to the ODPi Egeria project.