Asset Catalog Open Metadata Access Service (OMAS)

The Asset Catalog OMAS provides services to search for data assets including:

The search will locate assets based on the content of the Asset metadata itself and the metadata that links to it. This includes:

The Asset Catalog REST API supports:

The module structure for the Asset Catalog OMAS is as follows:

###Search solution The search will return Assets and Glossary terms that match the search criteria. As the asset search is to be performed against on one or more repositories a search engine will be used. The search will be performed using name/displayName, descriptions and qualifiedName of the asset and/or Glossary terms. Indexing will be performed by the Asset Catalog OMAS according to supported zones. The search result will contain: guid, name (name or displayName), description, qualifiedName, classifications, zoneMembership.

Figure 1: Search

Figure 1:Integration of search engine