Repository find attribute type definitions by category test case

This test validates that all of the supported AttributeTypeDefs can be retrieved by category.


Extract all known AttributeTypeDefs. Separate them into three lists: Primitive AttributeTypeDefs (PrimitiveDefs), Collection AttributeTypeDefs (CollectionDefs) and Enumeration AttributeTypeDefs (EnumDefs). Issue a query for each of these categories of AttributeTypeDef and validate that what is returned matches the original complied lists.


Discovered Properties

Example Output

      "class" : "OpenMetadataTestCaseResult",
      "testCaseId" : "repository-find-attribute-typedefs-by-category",
      "testCaseName" : "Repository find attribute type definitions by category test case",
      "testCaseDescriptionURL" : "",
      "assertionMessage" : "Attribute type definitions can be extracted by category",
      "successfulAssertions" : [ "All attribute type definitions returned by category." ],
      "unsuccessfulAssertions" : [ ],
      "discoveredProperties" : {
        "Number of supported CollectionDefs" : 4,
        "Number of supported EnumDefs" : 24,
        "Number of supported PrimitiveDefs" : 13,
        "Supported PrimitiveDefs" : [ "string", "char", "boolean", "biginteger", "byte", "long", "double", "date", "object", "bigdecimal", "short", "float", "int" ],
        "Supported CollectionDefs" : [ "array<int>", "map<string,string>", "array<string>", "map<string,object>" ],
        "Supported EnumDefs" : [ "CrowdSourcingRole", "CriticalityLevel", "TermRelationshipStatus", "DataClassAssignmentStatus", "Endianness", "ContactMethodType", "GovernanceClassificationStatus", "BusinessCapabilityType", "StarRating", "OperationalStatus", "OrderBy", "TermAssignmentStatus", "RetentionBasis", "ServerAssetUse", "ConfidentialityLevel", "MediaUsage", "ActivityType", "CommunityMembershipType", "ConfidenceLevel", "KeyPattern", "CommentType", "MediaType", "GovernanceDomain", "ToDoStatus" ]

License: CC BY 4.0, Copyright Contributors to the ODPi Egeria project.