Repository entity lifecycle test case

This test validates that entities can be managed through all stages of their life cycle.


The entity lifecycle tests extract each of the type definitions for entity and create an instance of that entity and drive it through each phase of its lifecycle validating that the entity values are correctly maintained.


Discovered Properties

The discovered properties for this test show which of the optional capabilities are supported for this type.

Sample Output

This is the sample output for the Asset type.

      "class" : "OpenMetadataTestCaseResult",
      "testCaseId" : "repository-entity-lifecycle",
      "testCaseName" : "Repository entity lifecycle test case",
      "testCaseDescriptionURL" : "",
      "assertionMessage" : "Entities can be managed through their lifecycle",
      "successfulAssertions" : [ "Asset new entity created.", "Asset new entity has createdBy user.", "Asset new entity has creation time.", "Asset new entity has correct provenance type.", "Asset new entity has correct initial status.", "Asset new entity has correct type.", "Asset new entity has local metadata collection.", "Asset new entity has version greater than zero.", "Asset new entity is known.", "Asset new entity summarized.", "Asset new entity retrieved.", "Asset new entity is unattached.", "Asset entity status updated.", "Asset entity new status is Active", "Asset entity with new status version number is 2", "Asset entity can not be set to DELETED status.", "Asset entity properties cleared to min.", "Asset entity with min properties version number is 3", "Asset entity has properties restored.", "Asset entity after undo version number is 4", "Asset entity deleted version number is 5", "Asset entity no longer retrievable after delete.", "Asset entity restored version number is 6", "Asset entity purged." ],
      "unsuccessfulAssertions" : [ ],
      "discoveredProperties" : {
        "Asset undo support" : "Enabled",
        "Asset soft delete support" : "Enabled"

License: CC BY 4.0, Copyright Contributors to the ODPi Egeria project.