Open Metadata Conformance Suite

The open metadata conformance suite provides a test suite to help the developers integrate a specific technology into the open metadata ecosystem.

The first suite of conformance tests focuses on functional behavior of a metadata repository. Future test suites will demonstrate the ability to handle various workloads and also a performance benchmark test.

Each conformance test suite is implemented by an Open Metadata Test Lab. The test lab is a client program that is given the URL root of the open metadata APIs for the server to test. The example below tests a server running at http://localhost:8080

$ OpenMetadataTestLab http://localhost:8080

The test lab then creates one or more specialized Open Metadata Test Workbenches that are able to set up and run batches of Open Metadata Test Cases.

Each workbench implementation provides a specific environment to the test cases to run in.

The test cases will issue calls to the server and assess the response. This is an “imitation game”. The aim of the tests is to get the same result from any compliant open metadata repository. If the test case cannot tell the difference from the reference implementation then the server being tested is an open metadata repository.

As the workbenches run the test cases, results are accumulated into a test results document called openmetadata.type.testlab.results. For example, the functional test results document is openmetadata.functional.testlab.results.

Each workbench and test has its own documentation page located in the docs directory. Links to the individual test’s documentation is included in the test results document.

License: CC BY 4.0, Copyright Contributors to the ODPi Egeria project.