Postman is an interactive tool for calling REST APIs. The Egeria community uses postman for demos and education as well as testing APIs during development.

This is an illustration of the Postman user interface:

Postman client

Installing Postman

Postman can be downloaded and installed from this link:

The installation instructions for Postman are found here:

Once Postman is installed it can be started like any other desktop application.


Egeria by default uses secure HTTP requests (https://) with a self-signed certificate. By default, Postman does not allow self-signed certificate. Any PostMan users therefore will need to go into Preferences->Settings and on the General tab, turn off SSL certificate verification or requests will fail.

Turn off self-signed certificate checking

Next steps

If you are working through the Egeria Dojo, you can return to the guide for Day 1 of the Egeria Dojo.

If you are only interested in learning more about Postman, consider the Postman tutorial.

If you would like to create and contribute postman collections, there are instructions in the developer resources.

License: CC BY 4.0, Copyright Contributors to the ODPi Egeria project.