Egeria Community Guide

This project welcomes contributors from any organization or background, provided they are willing to follow the simple processes outlined below, as well as adhere to the Code of Conduct.

Joining the community

The community collaborates primarily through Zoom calls, GitHub and the instance messaging tool, Slack. There is also a mailing list.

Zoom calls

There are two regular online meetings using Zoom each week, both on a Tuesday. All are welcome.

Connecting to Slack

Egeria uses the LF AI & Data Slack community to provide an ongoing dialogue between members. This creates a recorded discussion of design decisions and discussions that complement the project meetings.

Follow the link above and register with the LF AI & Data slack service using your email address. Once signed in you can see all of the active slack channels. The main slack channel for the Egeria project is called #egeria-discussion

Additional channels are added from time to time as new workgroups and discussion topics are established. For Egeria these channel names will begin with ‘#egeria’. You can also view slack channels from other LF AI & Data projects.

More information about slack is available in the developer-resources/tools pages.

Egeria’s mailing list

Follow the link to review the mailing list archives

Other websites and resources

Below are links to websites and other resources for Egeria.

Egeria’s Git repositories

The Egeria project used GitHub to maintain its content. It has the following repositories:

All of these repositories are publicly visible. However, if you want to contribute new content then you need to create a GitHub account. This can be created from the top of the GitHub home page.

If you are not familiar with Git and GitHub, there is additional education in the developer-resources/tools pages.

Steps to contribute content to the project

Egeria uses GitHub’s fork and pull model to create a contribution. This process is described in detail in the Egeria Dojo Education.

There are additional resources for contributors under developer-resources. Review the developer guidelines to understand the requirements associated with new content for Egeria.

Every contribution is signed to say that the contributor has the rights to make the contribution and agrees with the Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO)

Creating a Linux Foundation account

The Linux Foundation provide build and distribution facilities. You need an account to access some of the reports from the build.

This is the link to create a Linux Foundation account. Note the username and password you selected.

License: CC BY 4.0, Copyright Contributors to the ODPi Egeria project.